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Bamzo: The Warrior Within

June 25, 2010

Bamzo is my main, and a tank. Tanking is what I was drawn to. Like I said before I am a protective person.  So, tanking came naturally to me. Currently, I am not raiding on this toon, but I am hoping to bring him to my ICC 10 man raid this week.  I will let you know on Wednesday if this happens.

I started this toon a few months after I began playing. I spec’d arms and leveled him to 39 and actually twinked him out. This was back when twinking was an option. Before the experience gain through battlegrounds and the ability to turn off experience gain. I thought twinking was what I wanted to do, but when BC came out I decided that a Bamzo was actually the toon I wanted to play. I had several friends at the time that wanted to level together. We actually had a full group of people with every role filled. We had a pally healer, a rogue, a mage, a hunter and of course me. I was the tank of the group and we burned through the next 25 levels til I hit 64. However, this is when school intervened. Due to my heavy involvement in all the extracurriculars I just didn’t have the time to play WoW at the same time. Thus, he didn’t reach level 70 til Wrath. Once Wrath came out I quickly leveled to 80 and became one of many tanks trying to get into the MT or OT roles in our guild. I finally got into Naxx and had a blast tanking a raid. When Ulduar came out I was once again relegated to the pine pony. This lead me to take a break from WoW because WoW was getting in the way of my College work. When I returned I was able to tank all the way up to Yogg but never really got to take a shot at him. I was mostly carried though Ulduar and really never got any drops from there.

When I returned I was asked to do this new recruit-a-friend thing. I rolled all the other toons that I could in the 90 day timeframe. It was the most productive I think you could have been in the 90 days. I was able to get 10 chars above 60 before the time was up. That’s right, I had a full server of 60+ characters. One of which is my druid, who I will post about later.

Currently, I am using all of my resources to get Bamzo geared in hopes to start raiding with him again. He has about a 5k gs as of today. I am going to try some pugs this week to get him a little more ready for Tuesday. Oh, I hate pugs by the way. I am sure i will tell you more about this later.

That’s all for now see ya later.

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