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Mhhmm: The Tree of Life

June 26, 2010

Mhhmm is my druid. He is a healer primarily and my regular raider. Through Mhhmm  I have learned to really enjoy healing.

During BC my friend had two accounts one of which had a level 70 Shaman that was raid ready and I was able to raid using him during BC. I liked healing during BC, but a Shaman just wasn’t doing it for me. I figured that the idea of continually casting and bombing heals just isn’t my cup of tea. When I thought about possible other healers I narrowed it down to a discipline priest, the preventative style of healing was intriguing, and a druid, rolling HOTs just sounded like fun. In the end I decided on a druid due to the simple fact that if I didn’t like healing when I reached 80 it wouldn’t be all for not because a druid can just shift (pun intended)  from one  role to another.  

Currently Mhhmm’s offspec is balance. I really do enjoy being able to shift into a thunder chicken. Actually last week in my ICC 10man I was able to utilize my thunder chicken ability.  The weekly Icecrown quest was deprograming (keep Darnavan alive while you kill Lady Deathwhisper). The particular stratagy that my guild uses is to have a druid root Darnavan in place until the fight is over. I was the only druid in the raid so I switched to my moonkin spec and we one shotted it.

Mhhmm was created almost exactly one year ago. When I returned to WoW from my break, I started a recruit-a-friend like I have said before. During this time I rolled my druid. I actually rolled him with another druid thinking we could tank and heal our way up. It was fun and this same druid is now my raiding healing partner in our 25man. Currently in progression our guild has made it up to Sindragosa, however we struggle with attendance issues so we haven’t made it back since that first time. In my regular 10 man we usually get up to Blood Queen, with taking time to get down (or I guess up) Dreamwalker first.

More to come later.

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