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Bamzo: 10man Pug

June 29, 2010

surprise!! I was able to get into a pug. Since I haven’t really tanked since last summer, I was quite nervous.  Being that it is ICC it is helpful to have a AoE tank of some sort( Pally or DK). However, due to the limited number of tanks still available for pugs on monday night we ran it with 2 warriors. This is all good, except for the stupid ICC puggers using AoEs immediately after we pull. Needless to say the other warrior and myself were running wild during trash pulls. Having my background in tanking I have always paid special attention to the tanking strategies for each boss. I might have been the lowest geared person there, but I was one of the most experienced. The only person more experienced was my guildie. The hardest part of the night for me was when I, as a warrior, was asked to kite the oozes. If you don’t know warriors have 1 ranged attack and its on a ridiculous cool down. We wiped twice because I simply couldn’t keep aggro on the oozes. Then I had a brilliant idea. Finally, the fact that I am an engineer actually means something. I quickly pulled out my bombs and we rocked that next run through. The bombs were just enough for me to keep aggro. This is the last time I regret being an engineer. Actually, I now believe that all warriors planning to be a tank should do engineer. Not only do we get an insane armor enchant, but the bombs helped me to become a viable option for long-range tanking.

I know you might be asking your self  “how can a person with crappy gear make it into a pug?” Well I actually was the one leading it. Hey I know what I am doing, I don’t need anyone to lead this thing.

So, I got a neck and my rep ring. I know I had all the tank drops to myself and all that drops is a neck. Ugh. Well at least I have the experience now.

Well my realm has been scheduled for our extended maintenance this Tuesday, so my regular 10man is canceled. Along with this cancellation, since sunday is the 4th of July, this sunday’s 25man has also been cancelled. Looks like a week of pugs for me. I am not exactly happy about that, but I guess ill have to deal.

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