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Mhhmm: 25man Sunday

June 29, 2010

Sundays are my guilds 25man raid night. Mhhmm, my main raider, was in attendance. Just like most nights we had raid attendance issues.

7:30 is the time we were to start. Well, guess what we didn’t. With only 12 people actually logged in we had to wait. My guild leader has a serious issue with pugging to the point where we have to pug more than 5 people he will call the raid. 8:30 came along and we still were not full. Once it hit 9 we were 3 short and being that it was already 1 1/2 hours later than usual we issued a request for 3 dps. Yep, DPS believe it or not it took 20 minutes to find 3 dps. 2 of which needed to be melee. Yep, a rogue or DK i mean seriously how many of them are there. We couldn’t find a single one for 20 minutes. When we finally filled up we met at the forming grounds of ICC and began our raid. Okay, now about that DK. He was probably the worst DK ever. This week the ICC buff increased to 25% and this guy couldn’t pull more than 3k dps on Rotface. He also didn’t have a single enchant or gem. This kid was maybe 13 and when he got a  drop it sounded like it was the best thing that has ever happened to him. But besides him we actually found some good pugs.

Downed all the bosses up to Professor. Once we got to professor we had our problems as usual even with the new buff our guild still has problems listening to the raid calls. For example, we almost always have an add up when phase 3 happens. Which we always yell to down the add and stop dps, but alas someone always continues to dps the boss and we wipe.

That about concluded the raid. We have a set call time of 11 and with only 1 1/2 hours to raid we made it about as far as expected. Now on to the good stuff.

Like you all know I am a healer. When we downed Rotface, Trauma was one of his drops. My Trauma as it were. I was at the top of our suicide list so I gave that up for Trauma. For those of you that don’t know Trauma is a healing mace. It has a proc that reads: “Each time your spells heal a target you have a chance to cause the target of your heal to heal themselves and friends within 10 yards for 217 each sec for 6 sec.” It procs off of HoT’s which basically means that it was made for me. I am so pumped to get whip this thing out during a raid and see just how good it actually is. I also picked up a pair of gloves for my moonkin spec and as we all know I love me some moonkin action.

I was actually able to dps on a couple of fights since there were like 7 healers there. So all in all this was a very successful raid. Despite the late start.

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