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Bamzo: 10man Pug

June 29, 2010

surprise!! I was able to get into a pug. Since I haven’t really tanked since last summer, I was quite nervous.  Being that it is ICC it is helpful to have a AoE tank of some sort( Pally or DK). However, due to the limited number of tanks still available for pugs on monday night we ran it with 2 warriors. This is all good, except for the stupid ICC puggers using AoEs immediately after we pull. Needless to say the other warrior and myself were running wild during trash pulls. Having my background in tanking I have always paid special attention to the tanking strategies for each boss. I might have been the lowest geared person there, but I was one of the most experienced. The only person more experienced was my guildie. The hardest part of the night for me was when I, as a warrior, was asked to kite the oozes. If you don’t know warriors have 1 ranged attack and its on a ridiculous cool down. We wiped twice because I simply couldn’t keep aggro on the oozes. Then I had a brilliant idea. Finally, the fact that I am an engineer actually means something. I quickly pulled out my bombs and we rocked that next run through. The bombs were just enough for me to keep aggro. This is the last time I regret being an engineer. Actually, I now believe that all warriors planning to be a tank should do engineer. Not only do we get an insane armor enchant, but the bombs helped me to become a viable option for long-range tanking.

I know you might be asking your self  “how can a person with crappy gear make it into a pug?” Well I actually was the one leading it. Hey I know what I am doing, I don’t need anyone to lead this thing.

So, I got a neck and my rep ring. I know I had all the tank drops to myself and all that drops is a neck. Ugh. Well at least I have the experience now.

Well my realm has been scheduled for our extended maintenance this Tuesday, so my regular 10man is canceled. Along with this cancellation, since sunday is the 4th of July, this sunday’s 25man has also been cancelled. Looks like a week of pugs for me. I am not exactly happy about that, but I guess ill have to deal.


Mhhmm: 25man Sunday

June 29, 2010

Sundays are my guilds 25man raid night. Mhhmm, my main raider, was in attendance. Just like most nights we had raid attendance issues.

7:30 is the time we were to start. Well, guess what we didn’t. With only 12 people actually logged in we had to wait. My guild leader has a serious issue with pugging to the point where we have to pug more than 5 people he will call the raid. 8:30 came along and we still were not full. Once it hit 9 we were 3 short and being that it was already 1 1/2 hours later than usual we issued a request for 3 dps. Yep, DPS believe it or not it took 20 minutes to find 3 dps. 2 of which needed to be melee. Yep, a rogue or DK i mean seriously how many of them are there. We couldn’t find a single one for 20 minutes. When we finally filled up we met at the forming grounds of ICC and began our raid. Okay, now about that DK. He was probably the worst DK ever. This week the ICC buff increased to 25% and this guy couldn’t pull more than 3k dps on Rotface. He also didn’t have a single enchant or gem. This kid was maybe 13 and when he got a  drop it sounded like it was the best thing that has ever happened to him. But besides him we actually found some good pugs.

Downed all the bosses up to Professor. Once we got to professor we had our problems as usual even with the new buff our guild still has problems listening to the raid calls. For example, we almost always have an add up when phase 3 happens. Which we always yell to down the add and stop dps, but alas someone always continues to dps the boss and we wipe.

That about concluded the raid. We have a set call time of 11 and with only 1 1/2 hours to raid we made it about as far as expected. Now on to the good stuff.

Like you all know I am a healer. When we downed Rotface, Trauma was one of his drops. My Trauma as it were. I was at the top of our suicide list so I gave that up for Trauma. For those of you that don’t know Trauma is a healing mace. It has a proc that reads: “Each time your spells heal a target you have a chance to cause the target of your heal to heal themselves and friends within 10 yards for 217 each sec for 6 sec.” It procs off of HoT’s which basically means that it was made for me. I am so pumped to get whip this thing out during a raid and see just how good it actually is. I also picked up a pair of gloves for my moonkin spec and as we all know I love me some moonkin action.

I was actually able to dps on a couple of fights since there were like 7 healers there. So all in all this was a very successful raid. Despite the late start.

Mhhmm: The Tree of Life

June 26, 2010

Mhhmm is my druid. He is a healer primarily and my regular raider. Through Mhhmm  I have learned to really enjoy healing.

During BC my friend had two accounts one of which had a level 70 Shaman that was raid ready and I was able to raid using him during BC. I liked healing during BC, but a Shaman just wasn’t doing it for me. I figured that the idea of continually casting and bombing heals just isn’t my cup of tea. When I thought about possible other healers I narrowed it down to a discipline priest, the preventative style of healing was intriguing, and a druid, rolling HOTs just sounded like fun. In the end I decided on a druid due to the simple fact that if I didn’t like healing when I reached 80 it wouldn’t be all for not because a druid can just shift (pun intended)  from one  role to another.  

Currently Mhhmm’s offspec is balance. I really do enjoy being able to shift into a thunder chicken. Actually last week in my ICC 10man I was able to utilize my thunder chicken ability.  The weekly Icecrown quest was deprograming (keep Darnavan alive while you kill Lady Deathwhisper). The particular stratagy that my guild uses is to have a druid root Darnavan in place until the fight is over. I was the only druid in the raid so I switched to my moonkin spec and we one shotted it.

Mhhmm was created almost exactly one year ago. When I returned to WoW from my break, I started a recruit-a-friend like I have said before. During this time I rolled my druid. I actually rolled him with another druid thinking we could tank and heal our way up. It was fun and this same druid is now my raiding healing partner in our 25man. Currently in progression our guild has made it up to Sindragosa, however we struggle with attendance issues so we haven’t made it back since that first time. In my regular 10 man we usually get up to Blood Queen, with taking time to get down (or I guess up) Dreamwalker first.

More to come later.

Bamzo: The Warrior Within

June 25, 2010

Bamzo is my main, and a tank. Tanking is what I was drawn to. Like I said before I am a protective person.  So, tanking came naturally to me. Currently, I am not raiding on this toon, but I am hoping to bring him to my ICC 10 man raid this week.  I will let you know on Wednesday if this happens.

I started this toon a few months after I began playing. I spec’d arms and leveled him to 39 and actually twinked him out. This was back when twinking was an option. Before the experience gain through battlegrounds and the ability to turn off experience gain. I thought twinking was what I wanted to do, but when BC came out I decided that a Bamzo was actually the toon I wanted to play. I had several friends at the time that wanted to level together. We actually had a full group of people with every role filled. We had a pally healer, a rogue, a mage, a hunter and of course me. I was the tank of the group and we burned through the next 25 levels til I hit 64. However, this is when school intervened. Due to my heavy involvement in all the extracurriculars I just didn’t have the time to play WoW at the same time. Thus, he didn’t reach level 70 til Wrath. Once Wrath came out I quickly leveled to 80 and became one of many tanks trying to get into the MT or OT roles in our guild. I finally got into Naxx and had a blast tanking a raid. When Ulduar came out I was once again relegated to the pine pony. This lead me to take a break from WoW because WoW was getting in the way of my College work. When I returned I was able to tank all the way up to Yogg but never really got to take a shot at him. I was mostly carried though Ulduar and really never got any drops from there.

When I returned I was asked to do this new recruit-a-friend thing. I rolled all the other toons that I could in the 90 day timeframe. It was the most productive I think you could have been in the 90 days. I was able to get 10 chars above 60 before the time was up. That’s right, I had a full server of 60+ characters. One of which is my druid, who I will post about later.

Currently, I am using all of my resources to get Bamzo geared in hopes to start raiding with him again. He has about a 5k gs as of today. I am going to try some pugs this week to get him a little more ready for Tuesday. Oh, I hate pugs by the way. I am sure i will tell you more about this later.

That’s all for now see ya later.

The Role I Play

June 25, 2010

In this blog I hope to shed light on an important role that some people play in the world that we call Warcraft. The characters that I play are primarily play roles that some consider irreplaceable. That’s right I play not only a tank, but a healer as well. My main , or who I consider my main, is a warrior tank. The reason for the speculation about who my main is, is due to the desperate need my guild had for healers when I hit 80 with my druid. So even though my druid might have far superior gear, my warrior is the one I prefer. I feel that my personal nature is portrayed more by a tank than a healer. I am a protector before anything else and due to this I fit in as a tank perfectly. The role that I would like to talk about in the blog is one that I play. Both my characters have dual spec and I love to use my off specs, but I have forgone this enjoyment for the betterment of my guild. Now don’t get me wrong I actually like tanking and healing more, but the ability to worry about yourself and no one else is appealing especially after a stressful fight. This is all I have to say for now. Keep reading for more later. I plan to delve more deeply into my characters on an individual level in the coming days.

I don’t know how often I will post here. This is my first blog and just wanted to give it a shot.